HOLZWERK wooden wristwatches

Our story!

It was in 2015 when, on a warm summer evening during a relaxed company outing and a crackling campfire, our designer and marketing collective, after a more than constructive round of discussions, launched a watch brand designed and created from the heart. Woodwork was born. Since then, we have stood for solid, handcrafted watch quality, combined with natural raw materials such as wood, cork and natural stone. Holzwerk watches convey the beauty of our nature on Mother Earth! Each clock is unique due to the different grains on the wood. Only build for you!

This is us… Holzwerk®

Handcrafted HOLZWERK wooden watches for men

Wristwatches with unique dials, now finally with date and day of the week display. The cases and bracelets are mostly made of robust natural wood or soft leather. These models are absolutely lightweight and therefore particularly comfortable to wear. Thanks to their beautiful bracelet, they look wonderfully elegant, stylishly modern and are guaranteed to immediately catch the eye. Holzwerk wristwatches are primarily made from high-quality natural materials. With our popular watches you embody the beauty of nature on Mother Earth. Thanks to slight variations in grain and color tones, each piece is unique, which is why the color and grain may differ from the original image. Build only for you!

Fashionable HOLZWERK wooden watches for women

The combination of wood and stainless steel merges into a modern yet minimalist look. Making Holzwerk one of the most popular brands for your watch collection. Give your personality a chic and beautiful look. Highlight your unique temperament, suitable for different occasions.

Wooden clocks! Yes you've read correctly. Watches don't always have to be made of stainless steel. Wooden watches are something very special. Wood is not only a renewable raw material and therefore particularly environmentally friendly, but is also extremely comfortable to wear on the wrist. Of course, wooden watches are also ideal for allergy sufferers.

Service and quality are very important to us, as our HOLZWERK wooden watches are exclusive for men and women.

Of course, you have a 2-year guarantee on our watches. Whether in the office or in everyday life, with our watches you will always cut a good figure. Make yourself or someone else very happy, the watch is also ideal as a gift.